Workify May 2019 Feature Summary

Welcome to the May Feature Summary. This month’s release will be relatively light, and will once again have a strong focus on updates to Advanced Analytics. We are gearing up for some major changes, and in June expect to see extensive enhancements announced around Survey Management. But for now, below is the complete list of May updates:

Advanced Analytics

  • Persistent Filters in Engagement Reporting
  • Applied Filters Label
  • Engagement Scorecard Drill Through Update
  • Participation Over Time
  • Engagement Indicator Compare
  • New Navigation Buttons (preview)

    Company Settings

    • Updated Layout

    Please continue reading to get the detailed descriptions of all of the new updates:

    Advanced Analytics

    Persistent Filters
    We are very excited to announce that the filtering rules for the engagement Advanced Analytics dashboard have changed. Historically, filters in the dashboard would reset any time you navigated to a new page in the report, now those filters will remain until you choose to clear them. You will no longer need to keep reapplying your filters every time you navigate from one place to another, providing you a much smoother experience as you explore your report.

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    Watch the short clip below to see the persistent filters functionality in action:

    Applied Filters Labels
    We originally rolled this feature out to just the ‘Engagement Scorecard’ page, but this month we are now releasing Applied Filters Labels to the entirety of the Engagement Dashboard.

    What this means specifically is that anytime you set a filter on your report, that filter will be displayed in the top right hand corner of the page. This seemingly simple addition has proven to be a huge benefit to power users setting various filters on their reports to deliver to key stakeholders.

    Engagement Scorecard Drill Through Update
    We’ve made one enhancement to the Engagement Scorecard Drill Through this month, but we think it’s a big one. Now when you drill through to the Engagement Scorecard, you will notice a new column on the ‘Question Scores’ table. This new column, ‘+/- Average’, displays how far from the company average the selected demographic group is for a given question. This added layer of context is a huge benefit when trying to learn more about the engagement scores for a specific group.

    Participation Over Time
    We’ve added some new functionality to our participation reporting! Curious how your most recent survey’s participation rate compares historically? Now you can easily find this answer with the addition of Participation Over Time reporting. This is a relatively straightforward update, now the trend button is available on the participation page allowing you to toggle between static and over time reporting.

    Engagement Indicator Compare
    In order to give you more flexibility when it comes to reporting at the indicator level, we are introducing a compare option on the ‘Engagement Indicator Scoreboard’ page. This page will act very similiarly to the ‘Heat Map’ page that you are already familiar with, the only real difference is rather than comparing questions by demographics, you will be comparing indicators by demographics.

    New Navigation Buttons (preview)
    Pretty soon, you will start to notice a slightly new look in your dashboards. We are updating some of the buttons and their positioning within the report. The impact will be purely aesthetic, but who doesn’t love aesthetic improvements? So where should you expect to see change? We will be rolling out newly designed ‘Menu’, ‘Trend’ and ‘Snapshot’ buttons throughout our reporting. Check out the buttons below to get a preview of what’s to come.

    Menu Button Updates


    Snapshot vs Trend Button Updates


    Company Settings

    Updated Layout
    The last update on our list is simple, we have rearranged the layout of the Company Settings page. There is no additional functionality here, yet, we’ve just shifted the navigation from the top of the page to the left hand side of the page.


    That’s all for this month’s feature summary! As a reminder, expect a jam packed June release centered around enhancements to Workify’s Survey Management features!

    If you have any questions or feedback on any of the new Workify features being released, do not hesitate to contact us at

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