Workify June 2019 Feature Summary

Welcome to the much anticipated June Feature Summary! This month we will be unveiling a number of additions and improvements to Workify’s Survey Management features that will completely transform the survey creation experience for Workify admins. Today, we will be going through each of the new releases in detail. Below is the complete list of June updates:

Advanced Analytics

  • eNPS Filtering in Qualitative Reporting
  • Improved Navigation Buttons (now live)
  • Question Drill Through Update

Survey Management (Major Update)

  • Enhanced Survey Builder Flow
  • Saving Draft Surveys
  • Survey Targeting Updates
  • Adding Questions from Library
  • Enhanced Survey Preview
  • Rearranging Survey Questions
  • Survey Scheduling Updates
  • Custom Survey Communications
  • Survey Review & Approve
  • Send a Test Survey
  • Ability to Download Participants
  • Live Survey Management

Please continue reading to get all of the details on the amazing new updates:

Advanced Analytics

eNPS Filtering in Qualitative Reporting
A feature that has been requested several times in the past is the ability to easily view qualitative responses by eNPS response. We have now made this available in Advanced Analytics which will allow you to easily gather more information around what makes someone a Promoter or Detractor at your company.

Now when you navigate to the qualitative page, you will find a new filter in the right hand corner of the page. This filter will allow you to view qualitative responses by eNPS segment, e.g., Detractors, Passives and Promoters.

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Improved Navigation Buttons (now live)
As mentioned in last month’s update, we had plans to update our navigation buttons in the engagement dashboard. Well, now those plans have become a reality. We are now live with the newly designed ‘Menu’, ‘Trend’ and ‘Snapshot’ buttons throughout our reporting.

As a refresher check out the new buttons below.

Menu Button Updates

Snapshot vs Trend Button Updates

Question Drill Through Update
Next we have an update to a powerful analytics feature that we are constantly improving: the Question Drill Through. We’ve cleaned up the UI a little bit in order to give you, the user, a better experience depending on your data visualization preferences.

Now when you drill through on a specific question you will be given the option to compare demographics via Heat Map or Distribution chart. Previously we displayed both charts simultaneously which created a redundant and somewhat distracting experience. We have now streamlined and simplified this feature, improving the ability to consume relevant data based on your preference.

If you do not see the new Advanced Analytics features in your company’s dashboard, you should expect them to be available the next time your company runs an engagement cycle.

Survey Management

Enhanced Survey Builder Flow
Over the years, we’ve received a lot of feedback on improvements to our survey builder. We have finally completed a full redesign of the survey management feature. The Workify survey creation process has been completely revamped! In order to make all of these new features come together, we have introduced an end-to-end flow that integrates all aspects of the survey creation process. The new process of building a survey is comprised of 5 components:

Each section is important to the creation of a new survey and gives you the flexibility to design and customize each element of your survey. We will be going into the details that make up each of the components throughout the rest of this post.

Saving Draft Surveys

Team Workify’s favorite feature release this month: Saving Draft Surveys. No longer will you need to create your entire survey all in one sitting. Now you can save a survey as a draft at any point during the creation process. This allows you to start building a survey, save it and then come back and make edits later.

Maybe you have your questions finalized but still don’t know who exactly you want to send your survey to or when you want to send it out. To save as a draft, simply click the close button at any point in the survey creation process and your survey will be saved in its current state, then come back and finalize it once you have nailed down all of the details.

Survey Targeting Updates
We’ve made some tweaks to the survey targeting capabilities in order to provide you more flexibility. Now when you go to set up your survey targets you will be presented with three options: ‘Set targets later’, ‘Target everyone’ and ‘Target some’. The change here is the addition of ‘Set targets later’, which allows you to defer the specification of your target group while you work through the other aspects of your survey.

Adding Questions from Library
This is a big one! For the first time we are opening up the Workify question library directly to our end users! Starting this month, you will now be able to access Workify’s entire IO approved Question Library with the click of a button.

Now when you are adding questions to your survey, you will be presented with the option to ‘Add from Question Library’. Simply click this button and you will be taken to the Workify Question Library. From here you will be able to sort through the library with a ton of flexibility! Filter by indicator, influencer, question type or search by question text to find the right questions for your survey. Once you have identified a question you want, click the green plus icon next to the question and it will be added to your survey.

Enhanced Survey Preview
Now when you are editing your survey questions, you can quickly jump into a preview of the survey. This feature will allow you to quickly see how your survey, in its current state, will appear to the end users that will be participating in the survey.

Watch the short clip below to see the preview survey functionality in action:

Rearranging Survey Questions
Another significant improvement we’ve made to the survey creation process is the ability to easily rearrange the order of your questions. Previously, your questions would display in the order that they were created in, now you can create all of your questions, then think carefully about which order makes most sense for your survey.

Survey Scheduling Updates
Starting this month, when you arrive to the Schedule section of the survey manager you will have two options: ‘Skip & schedule later’ or ‘Set schedule now’. This allows you the flexibility to hold off on setting your surveys timeline and focus on the other details.

Custom Survey Communications
Want to create a custom communication for your survey without editing your company level settings? Now you can! Setting your survey launch email is now available in the survey manager.

By default, your survey will be set to the communications set at the company level, but you will now always be given the option to customize this email for any survey you build. Customization at the survey level includes the email subject line and the email body.

Survey Review & Approve
The final step in creating your survey, Review & Approve. This is where you will be able to revisit each step of the survey build in one place. Double check your target group, preview your questions, make sure you have the proper schedule set and send a test survey. All of these actions are available on the Review & Approve page, and once you’ve confirmed that everything is in order, click the ‘Approve’ button and your survey will launch on the scheduled date.

The next two features will provide more details on some of the more significant features on the Review & Approve page.

Send a Test Survey
Once you’ve drafted your survey, easily send a test to yourself and other key stakeholders in order to experience exactly what your employees will experience. Find something wrong during your test? Edit your drafted survey and then send another test!

Ability to Download Participants
Curious about who makes up your survey target group? Or perhaps you want to double check that you had everyone mapped to the correct demographic fields. Now you can download your entire target population and their associated metadata as a csv either at the Review & Approve page before you launch your survey or after your survey has gone live.

Live Survey Management
On top of all of the new functionality we are releasing around survey building, we’ve also brought a number of these features into managing a live survey. In this first iteration we have added the ability to edit the survey title and add participants to a live survey.

Once your survey has gone live, click ‘Manage Survey’ on the Survey Manager, and these new options will be available.

Please note that not all of these features are live as of today, so if you do not see a specific feature in your Workify account today, expect it to be available very very soon.

That’s all for this month’s feature summary! There are a ton of new features this month so have fun checking everything out, in the meantime we don’t plan on slowing down.

If you have any questions or feedback on any of the new Workify features being released do not hesitate to contact us at

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