Workify July 2019 Feature Summary

Not to be completely overshadowed by other major recent Workify updates, welcome to the July Feature Summary! Last week we unveiled our enhancements to Workify’s Culture Model, so naturally, most of our new features this month will be related to this major update. Our list of releases this month will be a bit short, but each item is of high impact and should prove to be very valuable.

Advanced Analytics

  • Updated Engagement Scorecard
  • Engagement Indicator Drill Through
  • Updated Heat Map Page

Survey Management

  • Survey Templates
  • Schedule Reminders


Please continue reading to get all of the details on the exciting new features:

Advanced Analytics

Updated Engagement Scorecard
The first item this month is a big one! In accordance with the updates to our culture model, we are also upgrading how we visualize data. The logical starting point for these upgrades? Our Engagement Scorecard.

The reformatted scorecard will be made up of 4 familiar components: Participation, Engagement Indicator Scores, eNPS & Retention. We have removed the Question Scores section in order to more effectively summarize results for a given survey. This new format will make it easier to quickly communicate results while also still providing you the option to dive in at the question level via tooltips & drill throughs (more on this later).

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Engagement Indicator Drill Through
As we put an increased focus on indicator scores, we need to accommodate this focus with new features. Starting this month, you will be able to use drill through functionality at the indicator level. This feature will work just like the Question Details Drill Through, but with an indicator context. When you drill through on an indicator, the Indicator Drill Through page will show you the overall score, distribution of responses, trend data and the question scores by demographic for the given indicator.

Watch the short clip below to see the Engagement Indicator Drill Through functionality in action:

Updated Heat Map Page
We’ve made a few slight changes to the Heat Map page. First, we have renamed the page, in the navigation pane, the Heat Map page will now be called ‘Question Scores.’

The second change is a bit more impactful: we have added a filter to the bottom left hand corner that allows you to filter the displayed questions by the engagement indicator they are linked to. This will prove to be hugely useful now that we’ve increased the number of questions in our baseline. Leverage this filter to focus on a single indicator at a time, which will allow you to quickly get a full sense of what is driving the score for a specific indicator.

If you do not see the new Advanced Analytics features in your company’s dashboard, you should expect them to be available the next time your company runs an engagement cycle.

Survey Management

Survey Templates
You may have heard about our revamped culture model, well, in conjunction with the updates to our methodology, we are making improvements to the survey templates available to you in Workify. Now our entire library of engagement surveys will be available to you directly through the platform. You know what that means? No more spreadsheets! No more manually inputting questions to create a survey! You will have a full survey to start from with the ability to make edits as you please.

Schedule Reminders

Historically you could not schedule out your reminder notifications until after your survey had gone live. We’ve now pulled scheduling reminders into its logical place: in the survey builder. Now when you go to set the launch schedule for your survey, you will also be presented with the option to add reminders to your survey.

To schedule reminders, simply click ‘add reminder’, set the schedule and then click ‘save’. Add as many reminders as you want both before and after the survey goes live.

That’s all for this month’s feature summary! Have fun utilizing these new features, and we will be back in August with more updates for you!

If you have any questions or feedback on any of the new Workify features being released do not hesitate to contact us at

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