Workify August 2019 Feature Summary

Welcome to the August Feature Summary! This month we are keeping things short and simple with an exclusive focus on Advanced Analytics. We are still riding the wave from the recent updates to our Culture Model, and this month’s updates will reflect that.

Advanced Analytics

  • Engagement Scores Page
  • Engagement Indicators Question View
  • Engagement Scorecard Drill Through Update
  • Export from Qualitative Drill Through

Please continue reading to get all of the details on the exciting new features:

Advanced Analytics

Engagement Scores Page

Our first update this month was designed to improve the user experience while using Advanced Analytics. With our updates to the Workify Culture Model, we have more tightly integrated the relationships between our questions and their indicators. That is why this month we are combining the Heat Map and Engagement Indicators pages into a single page, now titled Engagement Scores.

Now when you navigate to the Engagement Scores page, you will be presented with the option to quickly toggle between viewing scores at an indicator vs question level.

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Engagement Indicators Question View

We have added an additional view to the Engagement Scores page to allow you to quickly view questions as they relate to indicators all in a single page format. To access this view, navigate to the Engagement Scores page and click the ‘Questions’ button in the top left corner of the Engagement Indicator Scoreboard.

Engagement Scorecard Drill Through Update

This month we’ve made a significant improvement to the Engagement Scorecard Drill Through! Now after you have used the drill through feature on a given demographic field, you will notice a new Qualitative button on this page. Clicking this button will allow you to view all of the qualitative responses for the demographic you have selected. No longer will you have to click the back button and restart your drill through to get to this data.

Watch the short clip below to see the updates to the Engagement Scorecard Drill Through in action:

Export from Qualitative Drill Through

One of the most frequent requests we hear from our clients is to have more opportunities to easily export their data to excel. Over the last few months we have made incremental progress in this area, and this month we are adding one more tool to your export toolkit.

Now when you perform a Qualitative Drill Through, you will be able to export the displayed data to excel. To do so, hover over the ‘Responses’ table, an ellipsis will appear in the top right hand corner, click the ellipsis > click Export data > click Export and your selection will quickly download to Excel.

As always, if you do not see the new Advanced Analytics features in your company’s dashboard, you should expect them to be available the next time your company runs an engagement cycle.

And that’s all for this month’s feature summary! Have fun utilizing these new features, and we will be back in September with more updates for you!

If you have any questions or feedback on any of the new Workify features being released do not hesitate to contact us at

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