Workify April 2019 Feature Summary

Apr 11, 2019

Over the last few months we have released some major new features and functionality into the Workify platform. We expect to keep up the velocity when it comes to product releases, which is why this month we are kicking off our monthly Workify Feature Summary.

We will use these monthly updates to keep you up to speed on all of the new improvements being made to Workify! So without further ado, below is the complete list of updates:

Advanced Analytics

  • Print Functionality

  • Full Screen Mode

  • Qualitative Drill Through

  • Export Qualitative to Excel

  • Question Details Page Enhancements

  • Engagement Scorecard Drill Through

Employee Experience

  • Navigation Bar Updates

Please continue reading to get the detailed descriptions of all of the new updates:

Advanced Analytics

Print Functionality

We know how valuable it is for you to be able to dive into your company’s engagement data, but we also know how valuable it is for you to be able to share your learnings and insights with your key stakeholders. That’s why this month, we are excited to debut the first iteration of our Advanced Analytics export features.

Above all of your Advanced Analytics dashboards, you will now have a print button available.

Contact us

Clicking this button will allow you to either print the screen you are viewing, or save it as a PDF.

Watch the short clip below to see the print functionality in action:

Full Screen Mode

We heard your feedback and acted fast! You can now view Advanced Analytics dashboards in full screen, allowing you to give your engagement data the full attention it deserves. Simply click the new ‘Full Screen’ button, and you will now be entered into full screen mode.

Qualitative Drill Through

This month we are very excited to announce the wide release of the Qualitative Drill Through feature. Previously this feature was only available in our Exit and New Hire reports, but this month we have enabled this immensely useful functionality in our Engagement Dashboard.

For those not familiar with the Qualitative Drill Through feature, what does this mean? In the context of Engagement Reports, the Qualitative Drill Through will allow you to quickly jump from a single data point on a given demographic, right into that demographic’s qualitative data. In order to use this feature simply right-click on a data point in the report (data point must be in a visual comparing demographic fields), hover over ‘Drill Through’ and then click ‘Qualitative Drill Through’.

Watch the short clip below to see the Qualitative Drill Through functionality in action:

Export Qualitative to Excel

Another common use case that we have been looking to make easier is delivering qualitative responses to key stakeholders . In order to increase the ease of quickly getting your company’s qualitative data into a deliverable format, we have added an export to excel option to the qualitative page in your Advanced Analytics Engagement dashboard.

Now when you hover over the ‘Responses’ table, an ellipsis will appear in the top right hand corner, simply Click the ellipses > Click Export data > Click Export and your selection will quickly download to Excel.

Watch the short clip below to see how you can export your qualitative data to Excel:

Question Details Page Enhancements

The Question Details page, which we released earlier this year, has proven to be a vital tool in determining the effect of a given question on a company’s overall engagement. This month we have added two new components to this page in order to increase the value and insight provided on the page.

Now when you navigate to the Question Details page, you will notice two new columns in the scores by demographic table (bottom left), these columns are ‘% Positive’ and ‘+/- Average’. Both of these metrics can be found on the Heat Map page in the dashboard, and knowing the value they provide, we knew we needed to bring them into the Question Details page.

As a refresher, the ‘% Positive’ column displays the percent of employees that responded to a question positively (Strongly Agree or Agree) for a given demographic. The ‘+/- Average’ column displays how far away a given demographic’s score is from the company average for that question.

Engagement Scorecard Drill Through

Users can now use Drill Through capabilities to quickly navigate to demographic scorecards. This feature will be used just like other Drill Through features, simply right-click on a data point in the report (data point must be in a visual comparing demographic fields), hover over ‘Drill Through’ and then click ‘Engagement Scorecard’.

You will now be taken to the Engagement Scorecard for the demographic field associated with your selected data point. This new capability allows you to quickly and seamlessly explore your report to uncover valuable insights.

Watch the short clip below to see the Engagement Scorecard Drill Through functionality in action:

Employee Experience

Employee Experience Navigation Bar

Continuing our theme of improving user experience, we are also excited to release updates to the side navigation bar in the Employee Experience page. Now the pane is clearly divided into two distinct sections:

Advanced Analytics & Surveys by Type

The Advanced Analytics section is where you will access all of your Employee Experience reporting (New Hire & Exit). The Surveys by Type section will be where you send New Hire & Exit surveys.

That’s all for this month’s feature summary! In April we focused heavily on Advanced Analytics, make sure to tune in next month when we expect to have updates around the Workify Survey Builder and user data management enhancements.

If you have any questions or feedback on any of the new Workify features being released do not hesitate to contact us at

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