Workify 2019 Reporting Enhancements

We’re mid-way through the year, and we’ve already made a ton of enhancements to our reporting engine, Advanced Analytics. Keep reading below if you’d like to learn more about the the recent product updates.

Improved Engagement Scorecard

Having the ability to view all of your engagement KPIs on one page is important, which is why we have built and made improvements to our “Engagement Scorecard” view.

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1. Participation
Displayed as a donut chart, this visual displays the overall participation for your entire company. Three components of participation are tracked: Completions, Partial Completions and Not Starteds. All numbers are displayed by counts and percentages.

2. Engagement Indicator Scoreboard
Displays all scores for engagement indicators from Workify’s Culture Model for a selected survey.

3. eNPS
Displays your company’s overall Employee Net Promoter Score, showing the breakout of Promoters, Passives & Detractors. Additionally, the calculation that generates eNPS is displayed.

4. Loyalty & Retention
Displays the distribution of responses for how long employees plan to stay at their company. This distribution is displayed by both counts and percentages.

5. Question Scores
Displays all of the overall scores to Likert type questions. The scores are on a -100 to 100 scale and then color coded from dark red to dark green to allow you to easily identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Engagement Scorecard Drill Through

Quickly navigate to demographic scorecards. This feature is used just like other Drill Through features, simply right-click on a data point in the report (data point must be in a visual comparing demographic fields), hover over ‘Drill Through’ and then click ‘Engagement Scorecard’. Quickly and seamlessly explore your report to uncover valuable insights.

Qualitative Drill Through

The qualitative drill through will allow you to quickly jump from a single data point on a given demographic, right into that demographic’s qualitative data. In order to use this feature, simply right-click on the desired data point, hover over ‘Drill Through’ and click ‘Qualitative Drill Through’.

Question Details Page

The Question Details page, which we released earlier this year, has proven to be a vital tool in determining the effect of a given question on a company’s overall engagement. The ‘% Positive’ column displays the percent of employees that responded to a question positively (Strongly Agree or Agree) for a given demographic. The ‘+/- Average’ column displays how far away a given demographic’s score is from the company average for that question.

Trending Engagement Data Over Time

See how your most recent engagement survey compares with past employee feedback. In Workify, you have the ability to trend eNPS scores, question-level scores and indicator level scores.

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