What Is Engagement Intelligence?

    Integrated Insights Made Accessible

    Creating the best possible employee experience isn’t a “nice-to-have” anymore. It’s a must-have in today’s evolving, ever-changing workplace. You need to listen to your employees to know what they are thinking, feeling, and needing. Get it right and you can attract, retain, and engage top talent and transform them into a resilient workforce that is a competitive advantage.

    The problem is that employee listening isn’t a single moment in time. It happens at many points in the employee journey: onboarding, performance reviews, on the job, during moments of crisis, and even off-boarding. Getting all of these right is both an art and a science, and the solution needs to be specific to your organization, not some cookie-cutter best practice. That’s why we designed Workify’s Engagement Intelligence Platform to bring together all of your feedback channels and turn them into key insights.

    The Workify Engagement Intelligence Platform

    "I was amazed by the reporting and analytics. I had a real-time dashboard where I could go in and hit refresh to see our completion rate and how are things trending over time, so I don’t have to wait till surveys are closed.”

    Why Workify?

    Flexible approach

    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to collecting feedback from your employees. Instead of being limited to a specific model, take a personalized approach to engagement that works for your business.

    Accessible people analytics and BI

    Your reporting capabilities shouldn’t be limited to Excel reporting and single-page dashboards. Workify advanced analytics provides you hundreds of pre-configured visualizations that highlight key insights.

    Resources and templates designed for HR

    It’s never been easier to deploy a bad employee survey. Our suite of tools was built with people and data science in mind and was designed with HR’s needs in mind with easy templates to follow, so you can design programs with confidence.

    Feedback built for modern workforce

    Workify brings together all the pillars of modern employee feedback. We make it easy to collect people intelligence from multiple channels to gather the right data, measure progress, and take action.

    Integrated Feedback​

    Gathering feedback from your people has never been more important and never been more difficult than today. The problem is integration. Workify tackles that head-on to make things easy for you. We make it easy to bring together all channels of employee feedback — Employee Experience, Engagement Surveys, Pulse Surveys, Performance/360 surveys, and Always-on Feedback.

    engagement intelligence


    engagement intelligence


    engagement intelligence


    Real Business Intelligence

    The value of people analytics is the insights that help you better understand your culture. When you can see what’s going on, you can make the right decisions that boost employee engagement, drive productivity, and build a stronger organization. Workify knows that you need more than a web page with filters. You need tools that help you see what’s going on and understand the narrative.

    engagement intelligence

    Slice and Dice Your Data

    engagement intelligence

    Trending Capabilities

    engagement intelligence

    Visualization Management

    Put Engagement Intelligence to Work in Your Organization