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Uploading Your Employee Data in Workify

User Data Upload

We know that data may not be the most exciting part of our partnership, but it is one of the most important.

The value you get from your engagement feedback is directly related to the focus you put into preparing your data to be uploaded into Workify.  The number one issue we hit with clients through onboarding relates to incorrect or incomplete employee data.

Download our template data upload document here.  Below are the key things you should think about when filling this out for your team:

  • The information you provide to us about your employees is called metadata.  We use metadata elements to aggregate your employee feedback into groups, like Departments or Locations.
  • To protect the anonymity of your employees, each group will only show up in Workify reporting if there are at least five responses from people in that group.
  • The more metadata elements you provide, the more ways we have to analyze your data – check out the fields in our template data upload sheet for our reccomendations.
  • The minimum fields required to create an account in Workify are Name, Email and Start Date, so please make sure you include those.

Most of our clients are able to pull these fields from their HRIS relatively easily, and with some of our clients, we are able to implement integrations or secure FTP file transfers to speed up this process.  If you have any questions about managing your user data in Workify, please feel free to contact us at clientsuccess@getworkify.com.

For a detailed walk through on managing your data in Workify, view our Managing Your Data guide.

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