Welcome to Workify.

In this space, we promise to
  • keep it interesting: because life’s too short to read boring content
  • mix it up: topics will range from funny to serious to informative- but always relevant
  • be transparent: if there’s something you’d like to hear us talk about, it’s in our best interest to make that happen
From here on out you’ll learn a lot about us-  who we are, what we stand for, what shows we’re currently binge watching…all that good stuff. We’re real people too. This is a space where we can share what makes us tick.But what exactly is Workify? Workify is a people platform for companies that care. Our straightforward features are designed to enhance communication within an organization to fuel your unique workplace culture. For the people in charge, it can be frustrating to run a team with zero feedback. But we all know that giving feedback is a difficult thing to do, and too often there’s an easy excuse- whether it be bad timing, finding the right opportunity, or just being straight up nervous. This is where we come in. Workify’s interactive platform encourages dialogue that wasn’t happening before. Ranging from features such as pulse surveys to anonymous suggestions, you can tune in to the unheard topics that are trending in your organization. Seems a little too simple to be true? Well, that’s because it is. But often, it’s the simple things that get tangled up in confusion. Let us be a part of that conversation, or rather, help guide it. Because really, we don’t have the answers. You do. Now let’s have some fun.
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