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7 – EVP & Chief People Officer at Securonix

In episode 7, we talk with Dilshan Ratnayake, EVP & Chief People Officer at Securonix.

Growing, shaping, and retooling leaders is like oxygen to an organization. Investing in your people who lead other people has an immediate ripple effect. Your leaders become multipliers. The converse is also true. If you don’t, you contract an organization. It becomes stale and you suffocate it. Dilshan Ratnayake, EVP & Chief People Officer at Securonix, shares how his team recently implemented a leadership development program for 22 executives.

6 – 2021 HR Challenges – Hard Truths in HR

In 2020, there was an unprecedented amount of employee feedback collected as we worked through the challenges of the pandemic.

Between data from core HR systems and pulse surveys via SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, etc, people teams are sitting on gold.

In episode 6, we hit on the growing importance of people analytics, how HR needs to collaborate better as a function and the underutilization of HR tech.

5 – Creating internal opportunities for people

When you create internal opportunities for your people, it sends a strong signal. It shows that you actually care about developing them – not just wringing every last bit of work out of them. It shows that you think they can be successful in so many different ways. And it shows that you see them as more than the role they currently sit in.

April Galda Joyce, Chief Culture Officer at Global Atlantic Financial Group, shares how her team has made this a priority & a recent example of when this happened.

2 – Getting Real BI with Employee Engagement Data

In episode 2, we talked about what having true BI capabilities with your employee engagement data looks like:

  • What does it even mean to have true business intelligence.
  • How to create a common data model across your feedback channels.
  • How to pick a set of critical numbers or KPIs. The promise of AI/ML in HR Tech. Real BI vs. sexy static reporting.

1 – Taking Action on Employee Feedback

Lean into our “Top of Mind” format, where we discuss topics that are relevant, timely, and probably on the minds of a lot of people out there in HR.

Who should own action planning? What a modern employee feedback approach looks like? How to get to the crux of what your data is telling you? How to craft a narrative around your employee feedback? How to communicate results out to both the leadership team and company-wide?