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15 – Chief People Officer on Going Digital First

Dena gave us an up-close look into what went into Drift’s recent decision to go Digital First:

  • How Digital First is different than Hybrid and why it’s a complete mindset shift
  • How Drift is creating virtual rituals to maintain their world-class culture
  • Why it was important for Drift to make a decision to give employees permission to make big life moves
  • How they’re focusing on impact and outcomes over face time or desk time

14 – The largest Jiffy Lube franchisee in the US

Lyndsay Lord joined us for a candid conversation on how Team Care Care | Jiffy Lube strengthened their employer brand by designing L&D programs that have created a culture of internal promotion and world class retention. 

Episode highlights:

  • Why the best employee engagement programs are those tailored to your business
  • How to develop an approach engagement in way that’s unique to your business
  • Why focusing on outcomes that tie to your culture (i.e., purpose and core values) will create better measures for success
  • How to develop learning and development programs that cultivate the next generation of leaders at your company
  • How Jiffy Lube got to a 25% internal promotion rate with 100% of leaders having been promoted from hourly to GM, DM, etc.

13 – VP of People + Talent at Privy on Performance Reviews

Why she loves her job, the monthly HR/Talent breakfast that she hosts, the employee preference for a quarterly performance review vs. the manager pushback for a less frequent cadence, how she built Privy’s performance review process from scratch, how she built a competency bank & tailored competencies for different teams, the debate on whether or not to include self-assessments, how to enable managers to have professional growth conversations with their direct reports, and more.

In episode 13 we covered quite a bit: the craziest thing Jennifer Paxton is experienced in her career.

12 – The Gray Area of “Anonymous” Employee Feedback

In episode 12 we talked about the importance of anonymous feedback and the new “gray area” that has emerged.

Challenges companies are having taking action on employee feedback, skepticism from employees on survey anonymity, “confidential” surveys that aren’t truly anonymous, the argument for pseudo-anonymous feedback, what a world of fully-attributed surveys would look like, and how people might be able to one-day “opt-in” to attributed feedback channels.

11 – Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Your Employer Brand

In episode 11 our guest was Chris Walker, CEO of Refine Labs.

Chris has grown his business from 1 person to 20 in the past 16-18 months, and he plans on being at 100 by the end of 2022. 100% of their growth (on both the customer and people side) has come from the employer brand that they’ve been able to build on LinkedIn. He gives a full breakdown of how they do it. We then talk about how he vets 900+ candidates for roles, how they’ve built an army of employee advocates on social media, why they are a 100% remote-based company, and more.

10 – Al Polizzi (Chief People Officer at VetCor)

In episode 10, our guest was Al Polizzi, Chief People Officer at VetCor.

We talk about her love for dogs, how she transitioned from an English professor to HR, how VetCor is finding ways for employees to connect, their virtual onboarding “buddy system”, how they implemented their first-ever virtual career fair, why companies should stop selling an inauthentic version of themselves to candidates, her definition of employee engagement, how they’re connecting employees to teach one another, the “Tech Life” Facebook group for Vet Techs at VetCor, creating change champions for mental wellness programs, and finding “reverse mentors” across your front-line workers.

9 – Mental Wellness at Work (Gloria Chan Packer)

In episode 9, we discuss or our first expert session, we spoke with Gloria Chan Packer, the Principal Advisor at Recalibrate.

She shares her personal mental wellness journey, her thoughts on being in the midst of a mental health crisis, the obligation from organizations to support mental wellness in the workplace, what a modern mental wellness program looks like, why giant corporate subscriptions to Headspace might not be the answer, and how to measure the effectiveness of your wellness programs.

7 – EVP & Chief People Officer at Securonix

In episode 7, we talk with Dilshan Ratnayake, EVP & Chief People Officer at Securonix.

Growing, shaping, and retooling leaders is like oxygen to an organization. Investing in your people who lead other people has an immediate ripple effect. Your leaders become multipliers. The converse is also true. If you don’t, you contract an organization. It becomes stale and you suffocate it. Dilshan Ratnayake, EVP & Chief People Officer at Securonix, shares how his team recently implemented a leadership development program for 22 executives.

6 – 2021 HR Challenges – Hard Truths in HR

In 2020, there was an unprecedented amount of employee feedback collected as we worked through the challenges of the pandemic.

Between data from core HR systems and pulse surveys via SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, etc, people teams are sitting on gold.

In episode 6, we hit on the growing importance of people analytics, how HR needs to collaborate better as a function and the underutilization of HR tech.

5 – Creating internal opportunities for people

When you create internal opportunities for your people, it sends a strong signal. It shows that you actually care about developing them – not just wringing every last bit of work out of them. It shows that you think they can be successful in so many different ways. And it shows that you see them as more than the role they currently sit in.

April Galda Joyce, Chief Culture Officer at Global Atlantic Financial Group, shares how her team has made this a priority & a recent example of when this happened.