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Webinar | Workify Fireside Chat | Return To Office Series Ep.3

In episode three, we shifted our focus to the impact that COVID-19 and the new working model are having on the ability for managers to be effective in leading teams. While some individuals are thriving with all of the changes, other managers are struggling to adapt to the new normal and the stakes are high. 
Watch this conversation with two amazing HR leaders, Carol Howard and David Galindo who share how they re-developed their manager tool kit to better support leaders at Abrigo.

Webinar |Workify Fireside Chat | Return To Office Series Ep. 2

Marsh Lavenue, President CEO of INTERA, joined us to discuss how a hybrid operating model can work in practice and how INTERA has implemented a phased approach to instill confidence with their employees and provide a plan when there are still many open questions.

Webinar |Workify Fireside Chat | Return To Office Series Ep. 1

What changes do we need to make at the office to be safe? Do we return after so much investment in remote working? How are employees feeling about a return to office? What will this mean for parents? What do we do with our overseas offices?
The series kicked-off with the amazing Beth Goff-McMillan, CEO of SKG, joining us to discuss how the physical office is changing and how leadership instincts are being put to the test.

Webinar |Workify Fireside Chat | Covid-19 Series Ep. 1

Most companies have collected invaluable feedback from their employees during this shift to remote working. Now, we are all wondering what is coming next and how things will evolve from here.
In this webinar, three forward-thinking leaders come together to discuss how companies are working through the difficulties of moving forward and making work better during these truly unprecedented times.

Webinar |Workify Fireside Chat | Covid-19 Series Ep. 2

In this webinar, three forward-thinking leaders come together to talk about a strategy for moving us from “survive” to “thrive”— even in the case of a down market.
You will learn macro trends impacting the decisions businesses are making now so they are positioned to thrive on the other side of this crisis. And how to apply agile software practices make your organization more nimble and elastic.

Webinar |Workify Fireside Chat | Data-Driven HR series Ep. 2

In this webinar, you will:
  • Understand the Data Maturity Curve and where you are today
  • Learn how to prepare your organization TODAY so that you can leverage AI and ML in the future
  • Uncover critical conversations you should have with your outsourced vendors as it relates to your data and data access

Webinars | Guides | E-Books | Surveys