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Sample of Wellbeing Survey Questions 

Our latest survey is backed by organizational psychologist research, and gets to the root of employee needs by discovering things like:
  • Whether or not employees feel like their managers care about their wellbeing
  • If employees are able to maintain work/life balance
  • How connected employees feel to workers and colleagues, and more.
Use these questions to kick-off conversations, and identify the areas you need to improve in order to build successful wellbeing programs.

Sample of Diversity Survey Questions 

Looking for a better way of conducting your diversity and inclusion surveys?

After the recent surge in client activity on the topic of diversity, we enlisted our I/O Psychology board of advisors to review our data and propose a recommendation of the best questions that analyze the key factors of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
We are excited to share the 2020 Workify Diversity Survey Index.

Sample of Employee Engagement Survey Questions 

Looking for a better way of conducting your employee feedback surveys?

The first overlooked area is survey design. It’s never been easier to design a bad survey. 

 Here is a set of IO Psychologist backed questions that you can roll out today. 

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