Episode 22 – Rhiana Barr (Chief People Officer, KushCo) on Nailing the People Piece of M&A

Rhiana Barr, Chief People Officer at KushCo, joined us on The Modern People Leader.

We talked about why HR needs to be involved early in the M&A process, how to ensure a successful cultural integration, and much more.

Timestamps: why working in a wide range of industries has been so critical to her career growth (3:38), strategic workforce planning based on legislation (10:22), the changing perception of working in the cannabis industry (17:26), why HR needs to get involved early in the M&A process (23:39), the culture diligence is the missing piece to successful mergers and acquisitions (24:41), her step-by-step process for assessing culture pre-integration (29:16), why an HR leader is running their integration management office (33:25), and creating a single culture is a journey with your people (47:16),