22 – Nailing the People Piece of M&A

We were lucky to have Rhiana Barr, Chief People Officer at KushCo, join us on 4/20 at The Modern People Leader. And we had an awesome conversation on a great topic – Human Resources’ role in the M&A process. Rhiana gave us a behind the scenes look at KushCo’s recent merger with Greenlane, her experience on how to ensure successful cultural integration, and much more.

Episode highlights:

  • Taking risks in your HR career and not being has been so critical to her career growth
  • Strategic workforce planning based on changing legislation
  • How the perception of working in the cannabis industry is changing and shifted recruiting tactics
  • Why HR needs to get involved early in the M&A process to ensure deal success
  • How culture diligence can have a significant impact on the success of merger or acquisition
  • Why an HR leader should run the integration management office and how creating a single culture is a journey with your people