18 – Director of Talent Acquisition at EnterpriseDB on Hiring & Onboarding

In episode 18 Jaclyn Jussif, Director of Talent Acquisition at EnterpriseDB, joined us on The Modern People Leader.

We talked about hiring, onboarding, and how to create custom ramp plans for new hires. Episode Highlights:

  • Biggest differences hiring internationally,
  • Using the WHO method for behavioral interviewing,
  • Calling out the elephant in the room (COVID) in interviews,
  • Front-loading information in the onboarding process,
  • Creating customized 30, 60, 90-day ramp plans,
  • Tying references to ramp plans,
  • Nudging people to connect,
  • Why the EMPLOYEE needs to drive the onboarding process,
  • And the magnified imposter syndrome that people are feeling right now.