Depending on the health of your culture, the pandemic may, or may not, have had a direct impact but change is both inevitable and constant. And with so many changes in the workplace and externally over the last two years, many organizations are feeling the need to reset their company culture. 

From a culture perspective, it has been a tale of two stories. Some businesses quickly leaned into the uncertainty and aligned inevitable change and as a result their cultures are thriving. While other companies are still working through their new normal, unable to align their existing values with their future of work strategy and are now feeling the effects of COVID-related phenomenon like the Great Resignation.

Join us for our fireside chat, where we dig into what companies can do to reset their culture and thrive. In this episode of Engagement Experts 101, Kay Stroman and Brian Vogel HR Executives and Co-founders at Sensible HR share best practices and tactics that will help your organization (re)assess your culture and values and create stronger alignment with your employees and your brand.