It has never been more important to listen to your employees and understand the experience that your workers are having at your company. Retaining your top talent is becoming increasingly challenging and the stakes are high for businesses to make the necessary changes needed to maintain a respected employer brand. 

So, why are organizations struggling to make better data driven decisions? Why are so many companies relying on guesswork, or hunches, rather than cold hard data? 

The short answer is that people analytics can be hard. HR departments can run into a myriad of challenges in running a people analytics function from poor data quality to outdated tech stacks. While these challenges are real, advancements in technology have made it easier than ever for organizations to launch and scale a people analytics department.

In our June Engagement Experts episode, we’ll examine how easy it is for companies to build people analytics programs that can quickly measure critical metrics and offer insights to challenges such as retention, manager effectiveness and low engagement. Adrian Perez, Sr Manager People Analytics at GitLab, and Workify CEO, Stephen Huerta, will discuss “Designing a People Analytics Function for Data Driven HR”.