It continues to be a bumpy road for return to office plans. Many companies are being met with employee resistance, and it’s creating an awkward dynamic.

Over the last few months, businesses have revised timelines, imposed mandatory days in the office, and applied other measures to get employees back. These guidelines have caused frustration and confusion. Most of these efforts to return to the office have failed, and even large brands like Goldman Sachs and Apple are struggling to get the results they’re looking for.

In May’s Engagement Experts 101, we have explored why leaders are struggling to get buy-in from their employees, and how companies can reinstill confidence in their future of work plans. Bart Kohnhorst, President of Leadership Growth Systems at Crestcom, and Workify CEO, Stephen Huerta, have discussed “5 Actions to Align Leadership Around the Future of Work.”

Stephen Huerta, Chief Executive Officer at Workify
Bart Kohnhorst, President – Leadership Growth Systems, Crestcom