While there have been several points in history where society has reflected on workplace diversity, the Summer of 2020 presented a situation that was unique in the speed and the nature in which the topic of diversity was thrust back into daily conversations.

Looking back, it is safe to say that we had the perfect storm brewing – from a global pandemic that changed the way we work, to a global economic crisis that heightened employee anxieties, topped off with a period of unprecedented social and political unrest. 2020 has forced many organizations to re-examine their efforts toward diversity and change the way they’re engaging their employees in the conversation.

For many leaders, workplace diversity and inclusion (in theory) is easy to get behind but can be overwhelming in practice. Given how polarizing conversations on the topic can be, it feels like it’s never been more daunting to overcome all of the barriers that exist in driving results that will have a lasting impact on your culture, your people, and your company overall.

Watch this fireside chat on working through the challenges of launching a diversity, inclusion, and belonging program. Monica Marquez, ex-Googler and Co-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer at Beyond Barriers, joined us to discuss how leaders can lean into the diversity conversation and how to avoid the most common mistakes that will prevent you from transforming your organization.