87 – Amy Lavoie, VP of People Success at Torch, on how to make DEI work

Amy Lavoie, VP of People Success at Torch, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about Torch’s people success scorecard, the importance of measuring your people programs, and what their research uncovered about how different groups perceive progress on DEI efforts.


  • (8:48) Why we should we jealous Amy gets to work at Torch
  • (9:44) Torch’s people success scorecard
  • (15:45) The biggest surprises in 2022 from a people perspective
  • (18:11) The biggest challenge for people teams in 2023
  • (24:50) Is HR making progress in measuring the impact of their programs?
  • (29:27) The indirect signal that HR sends when they hold engagement data captive
  • (33:22) Feedback doesn’t define your company, it helps it continuously improve
  • (36:06) Executives think they’re doing better on DEI efforts than managers
  • (38:10) We can no longer rely on one-size-fits-all programs to make a meaningful impact on DEI
  • (48:47) The discrepancy between how men and women perceive progress on DEI initiatives
  • (50:30) The over reliance on benchmark data
  • (52:23) Amy’s definition of a Modern People Leader
  • (53:58) The career advice she’d give her 22-year-old self