75 – Group chat: Gen Z’s impact on how we work

In this episode we had three return guests for another MPL group chat:

  • Laura Robblee, CHRO at Zuora
  • Steve Cadigan, Former CHRO of LinkedIn & author
  • Stephanie Cramer, SVP of People at MGAC

We discussed how Generation Z is impacting the future of work.


  • Are we in a recession? (16:21)
  • Echo quitting (21:28)
  • There are more commonalities between generations than differences (27:55)
  • Employees have higher expectations for their employers than ever before (29:20)
  • Younger generations are far more entrepreneurial (37:52)
  • Everything is subscription oriented and it’s affected how people think about work (41:58)
  • Gen Z and in-person work (43:50)
  • More top talent will go independent than we’ve ever seen in the past (49:40)
  • Companies have an internal awareness problem, not a recruiting problem (53:06)
  • The one thing organizations should focus on to position themselves as an employer of choice for Gen Z (58:00)