72 – Quiet Quitting & why being a CHRO is so hard

This episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago, so we apologize if the content from this episode is a little dated. We talked about Malcolm Gladwell’s thoughts on remote work, quiet quitting, and our 3 biggest takeaways from our last 5 episodes.


  • Malcolm Gladwell’s thoughts on remote work (1:25),
  • Quiet quitting (11:23),
  • Layoffs in 2022 (15:30),
  • Our 3 biggest takeaways from the last couple of months on MPL (23:00),
  • Companies are recession-proofing (23:50),
  • Being a CHRO is really hard (30:50),
  • And the next 12-months will be the year of the Modern People Leader (49:10).