71 – Ciara Lakhani (Chief People Officer, Dashlane) on what HR can do during times of uncertainty

Ciara Lakhani, Chief People Officer at Dashlane, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about what HR can do to weather the storm during economic downturns, employee expectations for their organizations versus investors, and Dashlane’s employee feedback strategy.


  • How Ciara ended up in HR (4:20),
  • Why we should be jealous that she gets to work at Dashlane (9:20),
  • The most important traits for people leaders during times of economic uncertainty (12:20),
  • What people leaders can do during economic downturns (13:28),
  • Being transparent with your people during difficult times (18:08),
  • Employee expectation being out of step with your current economic environment (21:34),
  • The long-term tradeoff of job hopping (28:00),
  • The gaps between how investors and employees see things (32:00),
  • Dashlane’s employee feedback strategy (33:30),
  • How Ciara shares engagement data with the leadership team (36:18),
  • And the advice she’d give to her 22-year-old self (37:53).