70 – Valerie Jackson & Laura Robblee on Their Flourishing CHRO/CDO Relationship

Zuora’s Laura Robblee, CHRO, and Valerie Jackson, Chief Diversity Officer, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about why their CHRO/CDO partnership works so well and how they’re laying the foundation for a new Zuora.


  • Their favorite thing about working with one another (16:40),
  • Prioritizing diversity and inclusion at Zuora (21:50),
  • Why having both the CDO & CHRO reporting to the CEO works for them (25:08),
  • The swim lanes for HR & DEI at Zuora (30:00),
  • Why diversity is a measure of organizational health (37:39),
  • Why their leadership playbook is a big focus for them right now (40:05),
  • The summit they’re hosting for VP + folks at the company (44:00),
  • The career advice Valerie would give her 22-year-old self (47:10),
  • And what Laura would fix in HR with a magic wand 49:10)