69 – Melissa Werneck on ”The Year of the Manager”

Melissa Werneck, Global Chief People Officer at Kraft Heinz, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about the work Kraft Heinz is doing to help support and develop their managers, why it was important for the move from a “know it all” culture to a “learn it all” culture, and how they’re using new tech to turn their ambitions into reality.


  • Why we should be jealous she gets to work at Kraft Heinz (9:58),
  • Moving from a “know it all” to a “learn it all” culture (14:28),
  • The year of the manager at Kraft (22:20),
  • Only 10% of people are naturally wired to be a manager (23:00),
  • The launch of Project WIN (24:20),
  • How they’re using nudges to make their ambitions a reality (34:20),
  • Why the forgetting curve is real (37:43),
  • The advantages of being an early adopter of new tech (39:00),
  • How they’ve been able to scale people programs at such a large organization (42:20),
  • And the career advice she would give her 22-year-old self (45:06).