67 – Beth Steinberg on Investing in Leaders Early On

Beth Steinberg, Senior Vice President of People and Talent at Chime, joined us on The Modern People Leader.

We talked about why it’s so hard to find good HR leaders, what happens when you don’t invest in leaders early enough, and long-term talent planning.


  • What Beth feels was some of her best work as a people leader (7:00),
  • Why we should be jealous that Beth gets to work at Chime (12:40),
  • The importance of #behuman in business (14:22),
  • Why it’s so hard to find a good HR leader (17:40),
  • What happens when you don’t invest in leaders early on (23:35),
  • How Beth builds business cases for HR investments (27:10),
  • What the people team at Chime is up to right now (31:30),
  • Headcount has become an ego metric (35:08),
  • Putting together a recession proofing playbook (39:20),
  • Creating a framework for what your company will speak out about (41:35),
  • The career advice she’d give to her 22-year-old self (44:00),
  • And the HR problem she’d fix with a magic wand (47:45).