66 – Jackson Lynch On what a good HR Leader Looks Like

Jackson Lynch, 3-time CHRO and Founder of 90Consulting, joined us on The Modern People Leader.

We talked about why there needs to be consistency in what’s expected from a CHRO, why talent strategy should be bifurcated from talent operations, and why the job of the CHRO is so difficult.


  • How working at PepsiCo in the early 2000s shaped his career (9:57),
  • The best and worst career advice he ever received (12:22),
  • Why Jackson thinks there isn’t consistency in what is expected of a CHRO (17:12),
  • We haven’t defined what a CHRO needs to have to be a CHRO (20:22),
  • Why we need to bifurcate operations from talent management (27:40),
  • Getting board members to set clear expectations of what good looks like for an HR leader (31:53),
  • The 3 biggest changes for HR leaders the past couple of years (33:25),
  • Finding the least wrong answer as an HR leader (40:40),
  • How HR teams can think differently about investment decisions being made (46:50),
  • And the four agreements (57:24).