64- Mindy Honcoop on Learning How to ”Ride The New Bicycle”

Mindy Honcoop, an HR exec with 20+ years of experience, joined us on The Modern People Leader.

We talked about employee feedback, the new world of work, and what companies can do to help their people connect.


  • the best and worst advice Mindy has ever received in her career (11:20),
  • the companies that are getting things right (15:50),
  • what companies can do to better listen to their employees (19:00),
  • learning how to ride the new bicycle of work (28:46),
  • how companies can give their people opportunities to connect (42:55),
  • the definition of connection (45:40),
  • the career advice she’d give her 22-year-old self (50:00),
  • and why she would fix meetings if she had magic powers (51:10).