60- Mita Malick – Co-Host of Brown Table Talk Podcast

Mita Mallick, co-host of the Brown Table Talk podcast and Head of Equity, Inclusion, & Impact at Carta, joined us on The Modern People Leader.

We talked about the importance of belonging, the big disconnect between the billions of dollars being invested in DEI and a true understanding of the work that’s being done, and what to do if you’re working in a toxic environment.


  • Her career journey (3:10),
  • How Brown Table Talk started (7:56),
  • Why Mita refers to it as the great awakening and not the great resignation (11:47),
  • How to increase the sense of belonging (13:45),
  • The barrier in truly understanding the work that’s being done in the DEI space (17:40),
  • Is the shift to hybrid creating a new dimension to bias in the workplace? (22:37),
  • How companies can better support managers and better protect employees (27:45),
  • Advice for the people experiencing toxic interactions at work (37:23),
  • How to prevent toxic people from slipping through the cracks of your hiring process (39:47),
  • The career advice Mita would give her 22-year-old self (43:58),
  • And how we are back to 1980s levels of women in the workforce (45:16).