59 – Tracy Hawkins on reopening Twitter’s offices & giving employees choice

Tracy Hawkins, VP, Work Transformation at Twitter, joined us on The Modern People Leader.

We talked about giving employees the choice on how they want to work and how Twitter has zoned their offices.


  • Tracy’s journey from flight attendant to Twitter (7:07),
  • Her role as VP, Work Transformation (13:45),
  • Why we should be jealous that she gets to work there (20:33),
  • How their real estate strategy has changed and what it might look like in the future (27:10),
  • Employee choice is huge at Twitter (32:00), how they personalize their different offices (37:45),
  • Remote work got a bad rep (46:20),
  • The zoning of Twitter offices – focus areas, collaboration areas, and social areas (49:43),
  • How they address world issues at work (54:43),
  • And the career advice she’d give 22-year-old Tracy (1:01:13).