58 – Cara Brennan Allamano on Udemy’s new normal

Udemy’s Cara Brennan Allamano (SVP, People) and Rachel Ernst (Sr. Director, People Programs) joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about Udemy’s new normal and what they’re doing to provide connection and flexibility for all employees.


  • the most pivotal moments in Cara and Rachel’s careers (4:53),
  • the “New Normal” at Udemy (17:35),
  • what flexibility means to Udemy (23:09),
  • their offices are like a co-working space now (27:54),
  • bringing Udemates on the journey to create the New Normal (29:20),
  • learning paths related to navigating the changes at work (30:46),
  • team working agreements at Udemy (33:44),
  • adopting agile methodologies on your people team (37:00),
  • the feedback processes they’ve built (39:00),
  • they went from having 5 global offices to 900 in one day (41:20),
  • what Cara’s hearing from the People Tech Partners community (50:20),
  • and the career advice they would give their 22-year-old selves (57:40).