56 – Liz Fosslien on confronting big feelings at work

Liz Fosslien, the co-author of No Hard Feelings and Big Feelings, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about her journey to becoming a best-selling author, the 7 Big Feelings that we’ve all been experiencing the past couple of years, and how we can begin to make peace with our emotions at work.


  • Liz’s journey to becoming a Wall Street Journal best-selling author (4:44),
  • why everyone should be jealous that Liz gets to work at Humu (10:55),
  • why she thinks we’re all so scared of confronting these big feelings at work (14:32),
  • how they identified the 7 Big Feelings (20:00),
  • which of the 7 Big Feelings resonates most with Liz (23:04), emotional granularity (28:20),
  • two tools for making peace with your emotions (30:16),
  • how to avoid negative thought spirals (35:35),
  • the 1 thing Liz wants people to take away from Big Feelings (40:50),
  • and the career advice she’d give to 22-year-old Liz (44:44).