55 – Jessica Williams on Becoming a Talent Destination

Refine Labs’ Megan Bowen, COO, and Jessica Williams, VP of People, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about Refine Labs’ culture playbook, how they’re leveraging social media to become a talent destination, and why they’re focused on onboarding.


  • why we should be jealous that they get to work at Refine Labs (7:05),
  • how they created their Culture Playbook (11:10),
  • the “oh hell nah list” of behaviors at their company(15:24),
  • the primary driver for going fully distributed (18:40),
  • how they’ve filled 80 roles in two years and how they plan to fill 100 more this year (21:40),
  • the journey for the typical candidate (24:50), the quality of inbound candidates vs. outbound candidates (28:50),
  • how you can leverage social media to become a talent destination (30:10), why they’re focused on onboarding (37:23),
  • where onboarding goes wrong for a lot of companies (43:00),
  • and what advice they would give their younger selves (46:20)