54 – Katie Burke on removing opinions from future of work decisions

Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about HubSpot’s award-winning culture, how they conducted 4 panels to make future of work decisions, and how they’re giving employees the ability to automatically opt into the work style that best suits them.


  • why we should be jealous that Katie gets to work at HubSpot (11:05),
  • how HubSpot’s award-winning culture has evolved (14:40),
  • getting business leaders on board with where the future of work actually is (17:50),
  • how they conducted 4 panels to make decisions on the future of work (20:18),
  • the insights that their people analytics team is driving around retention (24:53),
  • personal connection to work as a key driver of retention (26:36),
  • giving employees the choice of how they want to work in an automated way (29:18),
  • tracking NPS, intent to stay, inclusion and belonging, and more (32:40),
  • DIB and the future of work shouldn’t be talked about in isolation (39:04),
  • lessons learned over the years as a leader (40:22),
  • and the advice she’d give to 22-year old Katie (44:40).