51 – Jill Larsen on the evolution of HR and where it’s going

Jill Larsen, Chief People Officer at PTC, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about how the CHRO role has changed, the evolution of HR, and some of her predictions for the future.


  • the one piece of advice that transformed her career (12:05),
  • the worst advice she’s ever received (15:15),
  • how the CHRO role has changed over the last 15 years and where it’s going from here (19:00),
  • will we see more CHROs promoted to CEOs (23:50),
  • we’re going through an HR evolution (25:34),
  • digital transformation in HR (30:00),
  • what does being data driven in HR look like (32:15),
  • findings from data projects (34:42),
  • gen z and millennial takeover (35:23),
  • is retention still the right gauge for culture (41:50),
  • employees having multiple jobs in the future (46:53),
  • metrics she’s looking at on a weekly basis (51:10),
  • and rhythms the people team has in place (53:10).