48 – Barbie Brewer on culture being exposed by the pandemic

Barbie Brewer, former VP of Talent at Netflix and Chief Culture Officer at GitLab, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We talked about the many shades of gray between office-first and remote-first. Then, we chatted about all things culture.


  • The best piece of career advice she has ever received (8:52),
  • the many shades of gray between office-first and remote-first (16:40),
  • the difference between remote-first and remote-friendly (19:05),
  • most companies are trying to make hybrid work (22:11),
  • keys to asynchronous work (24:10),
  • key lessons and takeaways on culture from her time at Netflix (37:30),
  • culture is never done (40:41),
  • good or bad, culture was exposed by the pandemic (42:58),
  • what leaders should do if they feel like the culture is off (45:21),
  • and defining the behaviors underneath your values (48:38).

If you want to learn more about Barbie and the work that she’s doing, visit her website: https://barbiejane.com/contact-us