45 – Building a Remote-First Culture

Shelby Wolpa, Founder of Shelby Wolpa Consulting, joined us on The Modern People Leader.

Shelby talked about her experience scaling the people function for 4 separate unicorn+ status companies. Then, we talked about what it takes to build a best-in-class culture in a remote-first environment.

Episode HIghlights:

  • Learnings from scaling the people function for 4 venture-backed companies (9:19),
  • What it was like pioneering a remote-first culture (10:55),
  • Foundational steps for setting yourself up for success in a remote-first environment (14:10),
  • Common pitfalls when going remote-first (20:12),
  • What type of work should happen in the office (24:40),
  • Shelby’s prediction for remote work (25:50),
  • There’s no such thing as hybrid (30:30),
  • The three phases of onboarding (33:45),
  • And what’s keeping people leaders up at night (43:15).

You can find Shelby’s free guide for building a remote-first culture and her other playbooks on her website: https://www.shelbywolpaconsulting.com/