43 – The 8 habits of top managers

Dom Boon, VP Talent & Organizational Development at Liberty Latin America, joined us on The Modern People Leader to share innovative work they are doing to improve the  manager and employee experience.

We went deep on LLA’s research and how they identified the 8 habits of the top 10% of their managers which are now being used to build out new talent programs.

Episode highlights:

  • LLA’s challenges in navigating the pandemic across 30 different markets
  • Why LLA embarked on the journey of identifying characteristics of top managers
  • How LLA identified the top 10% of managers and the research involved
  • What 5 questions LLA used to measure manager effectiveness
  • The 8 habits that differentiate the top 10% of managers at LLA
  • Next steps in building talent programs from this manager research, and 
  • Impact of shifting to a human-centric leadership to LLA’s employee experience

Check out Dom’s recent post on LinkedIn where he writes about the 8 new habits of their top people managers.