42 – Our Top 3 Moments from the Modern People Leader

During our very first, in-person, 1×1 riff episode we reflected on the past ten months and all of the great conversations that we’ve had on The Modern People Leader.

Here are some of Daniel and Stephen’s favorite moments:

During episode 4 with Dilshan Ratnayake EVP & Chief People Officer at Securonix, we learned the importance of HR people taking roles outside the HR, and the leadership accelerator at Securonix.

Lyndsay Lord, CHRO, Team Car Care, dba Jiffy Lube, joined us for episode 14 of The Modern People Leader; she was the first to highlight how our country is facing a crisis with hourly wage workers.

Episode 23 with Michelle Wax, Founder of the American Happiness Project, where Michelle shared her research and the biggest challenges people face in finding happiness.

The conversation with Yemi Akisanya, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Groupon, during episode 31, where we discussed how to build a business case for Diversity and Inclusion, and how to measure progress.

The conversation with David Hanrahan, CHRO of Eventbrite during episode 33 of the Modern People Leader, where he shared some bold predictions on the future of work, including 4-day work weeks, asynchronous work and more