32 – Return to Office & The Great Resignation

This week we had four return guests on for our first-ever CPO Group Chat: 

  • Lyndsay Lord, CHRO at Team Car Care dba Jiffy Lube
  • Rhiana Barr, Chief People Officer at KushCo
  • Dilshan Ratnayake, Chief People Officer at Securonix
  • Kristen Barbor, VP Global HR at Groupon

We discuss their return to office strategies and the ‘Great Resignation’. 

Episode highlights:

  • What their return to office strategies look like
  • Apple taking a mandatory stance on employees coming into the office
  • Crafting back-to-work strategies to get top talent
  • The big concerns about the great resignation
  • Communicating your strategy effectively across the organization
  • Preventing your culture from eroding in the new world of work
  • Quick wins with total rewards strategies
  • And what every company should be doing to keep their best talent.