31 – DEI is a competency that every leader should have

We were fortunate to have Yemi Akisanya, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Groupon, join us on The Modern People Leader where he shared his career journey from living in Nigeria to his current role. 

Yemi also provided his perspective on why DEI can be such a struggle for companies, why you need a clear business case for DEI, and why you should focus on executing a strategy instead of racking up a couple of quick wins.

Episode highlights:

  • Defining diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • The real question you need to answer: why DEI now?
  • Building a business case for DEI that’s more than just a moral case
  • Developing stronger leaders through DEI as a leadership competency
  • Why programming CANNOT be effective if the CEO can’t drive it
  • Why DEI is really a cultural transformation
  • How to socialize your DEI data as a corporation
  • Building an actual DEI strategy: quick wins
  • Shifting DEI from programming to building stronger leaders.