27 – Kristen Barbor (VP, Global HR, Groupon) about Groupon’s employee engagement strategy

Kristen Barbor, VP, Global HR at Groupon, joined us on The Modern People Leader. We touched on a lot: how to be human on the HR side during tough times, how consensus-driven decision-making can be detrimental, and Groupon’s employee engagement strategy.

Timestamps: being human during tough times goes a long way, using creativity as a secret weapon in HR, why consensus-driven decision making can be detrimental at times, deep-dive into Groupon’s employee engagement strategy, creating task forces to drive action after employee engagement surveys, and rebuilding and reenergizing Groupon’s workforce. If you have any feedback for the MPL podcast or would like to connect, don’t hesitate to reach out on LinkedIn: Daniel Huerta and Stephen Huerta