Quick-Start Process

Getting started is quick and easy! Once we engage, we can move as fast as you can to get your first survey and your engagement analytics program launched. Below outlines our proven approach to helping clients get the most from Workify.

Workify Client NPS

Engagement Data Points

Minutes to Complete a Average Workify Survey

Surveys Launched

Strategy & Design

There is where we get aligned on goals and how we will measure success. We will discuss business KPIs and how you might tie your engagement analytics program to critical numbers of the business. Finally, we will take a 1,000 ft view on your program to understand the big picture, and then dive into the details about the best place to get started.

Prepare for Launch

In this step, we will do a deep dive on your data, and specifically, what meta-data is important to track to drive the right level of insights. We will also cover a step-by-step implementation plan for your enterprise as well as a change management and communications plan for your employees.

Optionally, some clients decide to implement a Quick-Results Pilot so that we can test drive the platform with a live sample of your population (typically 200 – 2,500 employees).

Activate & Automate

It’s time to get started! At this stage, we formally launch your first survey, and then explore ways we can automate survey programs so that this engine can run as hands-off as possible.

Insights to Action

This is the good part! Time to take a deep dive into our Advanced Analytics Engine. We bring the power of Enterprise Business Intelligence into your organization to help you understand and take action on your data. We also allow you to create scorecards to support the distribution of the data directly to the managers who can take action and make the biggest impact.