Listen to your employees using lightweight pulse surveys

Engage your people and gather data to make informed decisions and focus on the things that matter most to your employees.

Real-time, quick-to-action pulse surveys that get candid feedback

Determine Your Future of Work Strategy

Engage your employees with frequent pulse surveys to provide you with a clear view into your employees’ expectations and needs as it relates to future work and changes in your workforce strategy.

Track Progress on Critical People Initiatives

Whether it’s growth and development, diversity and inclusion or wellbeing, Workify pulse surveys can help you determine how your organization is progressing on your key HR initiatives.

Custom Survey Capabilities Built for HR

Leverage our off-the-shelf pulse survey templates designed by I/O psychologists or create a custom flex survey using our survey library to address your one-off employee feedback needs.

Pre-Built Analytics Tools That Drive Insights

Ensure you are providing your leaders with meaningful insights from your pulse surveys with our Advanced Analytics platform. Regardless of questions type, Workify will provide an interactive business intelligence experience.

Put Engagement Intelligence to Work in Your Organization