Meet Workify’s Engagement Intelligence Platform

It’s like having an in-house analytics team that’s fully dedicated to employee engagement.

    Multiple Feedback Channels for Better Employee Listening


    Engagement Surveys with Workify provide a baseline on your employees’ level of engagement. In less than weeks, you can identify two to three opportunities for improvement and quickly take action.

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    Employee Experience

    Experience Surveys measure the moments that matter and will help you listen to your people from their first to their last day at the company. Workify does this through new-hire surveys, exit surveys, and stay surveys.

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    Pulse Surveys allow you to deploy real-time, quick-to-action surveys on topical areas that can drive data-backed decisions. With Workify, get feedback on things like well-being, diversity, and returning to the office.

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    360 Feedback provides a simple and powerful way of aligning people’s behaviors with your organizational needs. With Workify’s scorecard-driven approach, you can quickly identify strengths and areas of opportunity for your employees. 

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    Always-on feedback channel that provides your employees with a safe way of asking questions and flagging issues. Employees have the ability to close the loop with managers and HR on sensitive topics in a timely manner.

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    Like Having an In-House Analytics Team


    Understanding which data cuts and visualizations are important for your business is difficult. We make this easy with hundreds of pre-built visualizations.

    More than Static Reporting

    Having access to full analytics capabilities — not just static reporting — allows you to slice and dice your data in ways that are meaningful to your business. With Workify, you can drill into your data from any angle.

    Flexibility to Cater to Your Business’s Unique Needs

    The Questions and Cadence to Meet Your Unique Needs

    At Workify, we give you the best of both worlds. Leverage our I/O Psychology-approved survey templates or design your own custom approach to measuring employee engagement.

    Empower your leaders and managers

    Share your engagement data directly with those that should be engaged directly in the process. Our Reporting Access tool offers a full analytics experience for your leaders and managers.

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