Employee Survey & Feedback Platform

Workify’s powerful people platform helps you launch & manage survey programs easily. We make it easy for you to activate the feedback cycles that drive value and then quickly take you from insights to action.

A Modern, Holistic Survey & Feedback System

We believe measurement of engagement does not just happen as a snap shot in time. Engagement is always changing and shifting and the experience an employee is having could be very different based on the tenure and situation for that employee. The days of the “Annual Census” are over!

It’s time for a better way to capture feedback more frequently, at the moments that matter, in the journey of an employee. In turn, it feeds data to managers and HR managers so it’s easy to take action on the feedback.

Our survey engine has been designed to help you design a measurement and feedback program that fits your organization. It includes the following modules featured below.

An Employee Survey & Feedback Engine Built for a Modern Workforce

Employee Engagement Surveys


Measure engagement, drill down on trending issues and create data-backed action plans. Run this employee survey once per quarter or once per year.

Employee Experience Surveys


Measure & enhance the critical moments that matter in an employee’s lifecycle from New Hire, Role Change, Work Anniversary, to Exit.

Workify Conversations


Keep a pulse with short, scheduled touch points that help you move from annual feedback to a more real-time measure of the organization.

Employee Engagement Surveys


360s, 180s, Performance Reviews, Team Effectiveness, Career Paths & Succession Planning with 9-box. Grow your people with these proven tools.

Employee Experience Surveys


Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIBs) can be measured. Understand how your organization and your managers stack up.

Workify Conversations


Fill the gaps between surveys with this 24/7, always-on channel to engage employees with meaningful, anonymous 1×1 conversations.