Pulse Surveys

Keep a pulse with short, scheduled touch points that help you move from annual feedback to a more real-time measure of the organization.

eNPS Pulse Surveys

An eNPS is a great way to stay connected with a specific, quantitive measure. An eNPS typically includes 2-3 questions, which will take an employee, on average, less than one minute to complete. This data will feed back into your advanced analytics dashboards where you can review and take action on the feedback, allowing you to get ahead of potential issues and concerns that could lead to attrition.

Specialized Pulse Surveys

A complete engagement program requires one-off pulse surveys to measure specific topics that are critical to your business. Workify offers a suite of template surveys that are designed to improve your business. These surveys can be implemented with little effort and provide insight into key employee initiatives.

For example, our popular Rewards survey has helped companies re-invest hundreds of thousands, if not millions, into areas that drive higher levels of employee happiness at a much lower cost to the business.