Growth & Development Surveys

360s, 180s, Performance Reviews, Team Effectiveness and Career Paths & Succession Planning with 9-Box. With our on-demand feedback system, you can empower your managers with the tools they need to grow their people.

Growth & Development

360s and 180s at Scale

We agree with the mantra, “people leave managers not jobs” and with the shift in a younger workforce – measuring the manager experience has never been more important for businesses.

Workify’s approach to manager feedback provides your employees with the 360 and 180 feedback channels that will help them grow.

Our reporting approach empowers leadership with Workify’s manager scorecards that are designed to make it easy to understand and take actions on feedback.

Growth & Development

Performance Reviews

Employees are demanding a more real-time approach to performance management. They are hungry for feedback and their biggest desire is to learn and grow. As a company, providing an environment where they can grow is a critical ingredient to a high level of engagement.

Workify’s performance management approach makes it easy to get feedback on a frequent, automated cadence, allowing managers and employees to stay aligned and ensure they are focused on the top priorities that will contribute to a strong performance and growth for the employee.

Team Effectiveness

Project team, client teams, departments, etc. all have a desire to understand how they are performing and how they can get better. Collecting feedback with Workify’s Team Effectiveness channels makes it easy to collect, understand, and then act on the feedback.

In addition, if you run Team Effectiveness programs for more than one group, you will have the ability to compare and benchmark groups against each other, helping you get a different perspective on your people.


Career Paths & Succession Planning with 9-Box

9-Box is a proven, enterprise-level assessment tool used to align employees with leadership while providing the foundation for a longer-term career conversation. Using Workify’s 9-Box solution, you will be able to easily build your 9-box grids for your employees.

In addition, running 9-Box across your entire organization will unlock an entirely new level of insights. This tool allows you to understand the distribution of strengths, talents and any need for improvement amongst groups. It clearly displays where you may have a concentration risk and where you need to invest in learning & development that helps propel your employees into the next steps of their careers.