Engagement Analytics

Engagement is a motivational construct contributing to the level of involvement an employee has at work: physically, cognitively and emotionally. Using our I/O designed engagement surveys, you will get to heart of how to drive stronger engagement with your people.

This is an employee engagement scorecard.

Leverage a Culture Model

Flexibility is easy with Workify. You can leverage our proven culture model or we can use your own. A culture model helps leaders and managers understand the feedback and where they need to make an impact in an actionable way. Starting with a good foundation makes quick insights easy to action.

This is a scorecard showing the eNPS trends over time for a company.

More Data Means More Insights

Today, the annual employee engagement survey is not enough for most organizations. Even multi-national enterprises are moving towards running their employee engagement surveys at least twice per year. Some companies are running a full engagement survey every quarter. The right cadence varies by company, but the more data you collect, the more you can learn and influence your culture.

Heatmaps, Trends & More

Powerful analytics have never been easier. We built Workify to bring the power of Big Data and Business Intelligence into your HR team. The data is easy-to-understand, and we make it easy to take action. You don’t need to be a technical whiz to get amazing insights from our engagement analytics.

This is an individual dashboard view for exiting employees