Employee Experience

Keep a pulse & enhance the critical moments that matter throughout the employee experience

New Hire Surveys

The first 90 days on the job set the tone for your employees’ experience. Our new hire surveys allow you to measure key milestones in the onboarding process to ensure you are making the right first impression. If there are any red flags, Workify will let you know and help you address the situation in a timely manner.

Workify also enables analyzing new hire data in aggregate helping you garner insights into issues that may be negatively affecting your employer brand.

Manager Experience

We agree with the mantra, “people leave managers not jobs” and with the shift in a younger workforce – measuring the manager experience has never been more important for businesses.

Workify’s light-weight approach to manager feedback provides your employees with the 360 feedback channels they are looking for. In addition, leadership can use Workify’s manager scorecards that are designed to develop better leaders in your organization.

Specialized Pulse Surveys

A complete engagement program requires one-off pulse surveys to measure specific topics that are critical to your business. Workify offers a suite of template surveys that are designed to improve your business. These surveys can be implemented with little effort and provide insight into key employee initiatives.

For example, our popular Rewards survey has helped companies re-invest hundreds of thousands, if not millions, into areas that drive higher levels of employee happiness at a much lower cost to the business..

Exit Surveys

While most organizations conduct some form of exit interview, many do not have the capacity to track, trend or act on the data they collect.

In addition, most companies can’t easily understand the drivers of voluntary attrition across their organization due to reliance on disparate surveys.

The goal of Workify exit surveys is to reduce HR’s administrative time, drive more productive exit interviews and to improve retention by discovering the key trends underpinning why people are leaving your company.